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Race Report Hondsrug Classic

6 October was the Hondsrug Classic on the program, a marathon of 65km near Gieten. I was actually already in my rest period, but wanted to compete in this race for fun. It was the first race on my new bike, so I was really curious how that would turn out. We left the house […]

Race Report Zoetermeer

The 25th of August was the 3 Nations Cup in Zoetermeer on the program, a nice, fast track with a lot of short steep climbs. There were some changes to the track, compared to last year, there was a whole new piece of track through the forest and the drop was changed into a stair. […]

Race report Dutch Nationals Sittard

20 July it was so far, the Dutch Nationals in Sittard. My preparation was really bad because of my heavily bruised wrist I couldn’t train so much. But I was really looking forward to it. The course was different from other years, the rockgarden was changed a bit and there were new pieces added to […]

Race report Houffalize

30 June was the Vayamundo Cup in Houffalize (Belgium). One of the nicest races on the agenda. Nice, natural technical sections alternating with some climbs. The course check went okay, until I punctured my tire in the middle. Then I took the A-line and went a little bit too fast, so I hit a tree. […]

Race report Spaarnwoude

There was finally a 3 Nations Cup on the program again, this time in Spaarnwoude. A track with quite some elevation and a few technical sections. I was really looking forward to it, it was quite hot so it was important to stay cool before and during the race. I started from a quite good […]

3rd in Assen!

The 16th of June Baggelhuizerplas in Assen was on the program. A quite fast but boring course. I started from front row and had a good start. I entered the single tracks in second position and a leading group of 5 riders formed. Every lap was ridden at a high pace and slowly the last […]

Race report Gedern

The Vulkan Race in Gedern (Germany) was on the menu at 8 June. It was a new course for me, I hadn`t been there before, but I was looking forward to it. I saw some pictures of the track and could see that there were a lot of technical sections. It was exactly as on […]

Race report Oldenzaal

12 May was the Zwiep Trek Mtb Cup in Oldenzaal on the agenda. A fast but also technical course, which suits me. I started from the second row and had a good start. Unfortunately there was a crash just before going into the single track, so I had to brake hard and lost connection to […]

3rd in Havelte!!

28 April was the Koningscup in Havelte, a very fast course with almost no technical elements. The course was good, a few spots with lose sand but that was okay. I could start from the front row, so that was ideal. The start signal sounded and I had the fastest start, but after 150 meters […]

Race report Saalhausen

Last weekend the race in Saalhausen (Germany) was on the agenda. The third race in the competition of the 3 Nations Cup. The track wasn`t very special, first all the way uphill and then only downhill. But the track transformed into a big muddy mess because of the snow. I changed tires, but still needed […]