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3rd place in Berlicum

Last weekend was the race in Berlicum on the agenda, the first race in the Netherlands so extra exciting. The alarm went early in the morning, so I continued sleeping in the car. Once arrived at the destination I did a course reckon. It was a very fast round with a lot of corners. The […]

Season 2019

Season 2018 Season 2018 has already ended some time ago, but I want to have a quick look back to the season. I had a great season and accomplished some nice achievements. Within particular the Dutch Nationals where I became 2nd and the BeNeLux championships where I becameĀ 3rd. Without all the help I couldn`t achieve […]

BeNeLux Championship

Past weekend the BeNeLux championships in Kluisbergen were on the agenda. We arrived on saturday, so i could explore the track. The track had more technical sections compared to last year, so that was nice. I knew it was going to be a though race, because there was a very long start climb and a […]