The 25th of August was the 3 Nations Cup in Zoetermeer on the program, a nice, fast track with a lot of short steep climbs. There were some changes to the track, compared to last year, there was a whole new piece of track through the forest and the drop was changed into a stair. But you could still take it as a drop if you would go fast enough and jumped. The start was at 10 O`clock in the morning and it was already quite hot, so hydration and cooling to keep the body temperature normal was important. I needed to start halfway the field, because i`ve missed two races. But I had a good start and gained some positions. After the first lap my pace dropped a bit, but I could recover and picked up some pace again. Slowly I gained some positions and the group of riders from the top 10 came in sight. But I couldn`t close the gap. Then my wheel blocked suddenly, a branch had become stuck between my wheel and frame. So removed the branch quickly and jumped back onto my bike. In the meantime the numbers 13 and 14 came passed me, but luckily I could follow in their wheels. I wanted to take the lead and ride away from them, but already before I could do that someone else did it. I didn`t follow him immediately, so he had a little gap. But I could close the gap and overtook him.  I finished 12th place, which isn`t bad after some weeks poor training.