20 July it was so far, the Dutch Nationals in Sittard. My preparation was really bad because of my heavily bruised wrist I couldn’t train so much. But I was really looking forward to it. The course was different from other years, the rockgarden was changed a bit and there were new pieces added to the track. On Friday in the evening I did some reckon laps, it was really dusty so you needed to look really good where you were riding. On Saturday I looked by my father’s race and in the afternoon I planned to do some more laps. But then it started to rain really hard and that kept on going for a while. So I was afraid that the track was going to be extremely muddy on Sunday. But looking at the track Sunday morning it wasn’t really that bad. All the dust was gone and the track was really hard. The B-line at the Rockgarden was even faster than the rockgarden itself. I needed to start from second row and I had a good start, I only was a little bit locked up in the peloton. The first round I came through on 9th place and then I slowly came closer to the front group. I came really close, but didn’t manage to close the gap. Managed to gain one place and found connection to the riders in 6th and 7th place. I took over the 7th place and created a small gap. But then he found some last energy to close the gap and he took over. I didn’t had enough left to follow him. And finished at 8th place, which I’m happy with after the bad preparation.

(Pictures: Ivo Delahaye)