30 June was the Vayamundo Cup in Houffalize (Belgium). One of the nicest races on the agenda. Nice, natural technical sections alternating with some climbs. The course check went okay, until I punctured my tire in the middle. Then I took the A-line and went a little bit too fast, so I hit a tree. I didn’t hit it hard, but the bolt on my shifter broke. So that needed to be replaced. The next day it was time for the race, I didn’t had a good feeling and was not really looking forward to it. I had a decent start and gained some positions. But then after some laps it went wrong, I was 30 minutes into the race and I took the C-line. I was steering into the corner, but then suddenly my tire rolled of my rim. So I went over the bars and landed with my hands in front of me on the hard rocky ground. I jumped back on the bike and changed the wheel in the tech/feed zone. After a few minutes I started to get a lot of pain in my left wrist. I couldn’t lean on it and riding the bike wasn’t possible anymore. So I retired from the race and went to the medics. They cleaned my wounds, cooled my wrist and put it in a sling. I needed to go to the hospital for pictures. In the hospital they said that it luckily hasn’t broken, but it was heavily bruised. Sad that my race ended that way and I still don`t know why my tire rolled of, because I was riding with 1,6 bar (around 23 psi). But okay, time to recover and prepare for the Dutch Nationals