The 16th of June Baggelhuizerplas in Assen was on the program. A quite fast but boring course. I started from front row and had a good start. I entered the single tracks in second position and a leading group of 5 riders formed. Every lap was ridden at a high pace and slowly the last two of the group started to drop. At a certain point we were away from the rest, a leading group of three. There were some attacks but nobody could form a gap. Until I placed an attack halfway the race, I created a gap. And that gap slowly became bigger, but the race was to long for me to hold that pace. So they closed the gap again. The number two took over and I couldn’t follow. Also the number three closed the gap and he took over. Unfortunately I couldn’t follow him either. So I was in third position then. I came closer to the person riding second place, but didn’t managed to close the gap in the last round. So I finished at a nice 3th place! I used wrong tactics, but luckily I still managed to get a podium finish.