The Vulkan Race in Gedern (Germany) was on the menu at 8 June. It was a new course for me, I hadn`t been there before, but I was looking forward to it. I saw some pictures of the track and could see that there were a lot of technical sections. It was exactly as on the pictures when I came there. The organisation had built a lot of technical sections, but they were all quite easy. The race was part of a German competition and I didn’t had any points, so I had to start quite at the back. But luckily the start was long and wide so I could gain some positions there. I slowly gained some positions. But then my saddle started twist and drop. So I adjusted it in the first tech/feed zone and tightened the clamp a little bit more. But when I jumped back on the bike it immediately dropped down again. So in the second tech/feed zone I adjusted it again and this time my saddle stayed at the correct height. I pushed the pedals hard and fought forward. But then some laps further and 1 meter after the tech/feed zone I got a puncture. The sealant didn’t close the gap and walking back isn`t allowed. So the only option was to walk 3km to the next tech/feed zone. But after walking some meters I found out that it had no sense. So a Dnf for me unfortunately.