12 May was the Zwiep Trek Mtb Cup in Oldenzaal on the agenda. A fast but also technical course, which suits me. I started from the second row and had a good start. Unfortunately there was a crash just before going into the single track, so I had to brake hard and lost connection to the front group. I managed to make the gap smaller and I could see the front group. I closed the gap and was in the front group, but then someone in front of me made a mistake. So I lost connection to the front group again. Then someone passed me through the inside, where there was actually no space, and he missed the corner which caused that a big branch launched up. That branch launched into my rear wheel and broke some spokes. So my wheel had a big stroke. I had to change my wheel and tried to close the gap again. But then my chain broke after pushing my pedals out of a corner. It was the last lap, so I walked to the finish and finished in 21st place.