Last Sunday the race in Beringen was on the menu. One of the nicest tracks from the 3 Nations Cup. Very technical, challenging and intensive! Already did a track reckon on Saturday, not much had changed compared to last year. Only a new route in the woods, but the rockgardens and drops were the same. Everything went fine, could do everything on my hardtail and the feeling was great. Onto the place where we spent the night, had a quick swim with some friends. And then it was time to sleep.

The next morning we went back to the track, and once there we noticed that it had rained during the night. But luckily the rocks and ground dried fast. At 11 O’clock it was time to start, I needed to start from 21st place. But with the start climb I could already overtake some people. We were going down like a long string of riders. I came through in 12th position the first round, but I felt back some positions. I found some connection to a group, but the group started to fall apart. I was in 15th position when two people in front of me got problems with their bike. So I could move on two places. Unfortunately one of them fought back and I couldn`t follow him. After 4 laps I finished on a nice 14th place.