The 31th of March was the first race of the 3 Nations Cup. The 3 Nations Cup normally kicks off in Beringen (Belgium), but this time Solingen (Germany) was the first race. It was a quite nice track, fast and enough possibilities to overtake. And when I saw my starting position I was happy that there were enough possibilities to overtake. Due to a bad pick of lots I needed to start from 50th position. Immediately after the start there was a big crash and I couldn`t go around it. So I lost connection to the other riders directly. Because of my position further in the back of the group, there were a lot of riders who had bad technical skills. And in the technical downhill section I could really notice that. A lot of people were going downhill very slow. So when I came high speed downhill there suddenly was a rider who stood still. I couldn`t brake that fast, so I crashed into his rear wheel and went over the bars… Jumped back on the bike and continued. Everything didn`t went as planned and the focus on the race was gone. Everything went shit for my feeling. But still managed to finish on 18th place luckily.