Last weekend was the race in Berlicum on the agenda, the first race in the Netherlands so extra exciting.

The alarm went early in the morning, so I continued sleeping in the car. Once arrived at the destination I did a course reckon. It was a very fast round with a lot of corners. The legs felt not so good, but I could life with it. I did my 30min warm-up and then it was finally time to go to the start. The starting position was determined by picking random numbers. So they took a random number and everyone with that number could go to the start line. And ofcourse, my number was last..

So my goal was to work my way forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. The start signal went and I had a good start. But after 3 meters some people crashed into each other. I needed to brake hard and steer around it, then hard on the pedals and try to close the gap. But then, second turn, there was already another crash. Again hard on the brakes, steer around it and hard on the pedals. Slowly I became a little bit irritated and when there was a third crash I was done with it. I tried to go forward, to the good riders as fast as possible. In the first round I went from 40th position to top 10. Then went from group to group. In between I did a little front flip, hit my pedal on a tree stump and crashed. But I was back on the bike very fast. Once arrived at the riders in 4th and 5th position I took some rest. But soon I noticed that my heartrate went down with 10 strokes. So I passed them and rode away. I was 30seconds behind the first three, but I closed the gap faster than expected. Suddenly there was an attack from the first rider. Unfortunately I couldn`t respond to it, because I had already used a lot of energy. Then in the last round I managed to make the gap smaller and smaller, but hadn`t enough energy to totally close the gap. Eventually I went as 3rd over the finish line, which was far above my expectations and I`m very happy with that result.