3 March the race in Chelva (Spain) was on the program. A very nice technical course with quite some elevation. It was my first race in the Juniors category, so extra exciting. I needed to start quite far in the back, because I didn`t had any Uci-points. But the start was a long and wide climb, so I could pass a lot of riders there. Every round I managed to overtake some riders and I was slowly coming close to the top 10. I crossed the finish line and thought that I heard a bell, so I picked up some extra pace to gain some positions in the last round. And then I and some other riders thought that we were done, so we stopped. But afterwards we heard that we still had to do a round then, so a Dnf behind my name. That was very unfortunate, because it was maybe possible to get my first Uci-points there. But okay, it was a really nice experience and fun to have ridden there.