Season 2018

Season 2018 has already ended some time ago, but I want to have a quick look back to the season. I had a great season and accomplished some nice achievements. Within particular the Dutch Nationals where I became 2nd and the BeNeLux championships where I became 3rd. Without all the help I couldn`t achieve this, so I want to thank my parents for bringing me to the races and paying my gear, I also want to thank George from Bikeshop Warmenhuizen for sponsoring and delivering parts and lastly I want to thank my trainer Tomasz from AT sports for making my trainings schedule.

Looking forward to next season!

Next season will be marked by new experiences, I’ll go from U17 to Juniors (U19). This means longer races, more international races and new competitors.

I won`t be riding in my striking yellow/blue West Frisia clothing coming season, because I would like to proudly announce that I will be riding for the Belgian KTM Bikevision team! Last Saturday was the team presentation in Borgloon at one of the sponsors VB beton (concrete products). In the factory, there was a beautiful exposition place with a stage and tents in which the bikes and the new outfit were exhibited. It is a very nice team, consisting of a total of 8 riders: Freek Verheyden (B) U17, Sander Kielich (B) U19, Djeff Verheyden (B) U19, Daphne de Vries (NL) U19f, Didi de Vries (NL) U23f, Joppe de Vries (NL) U23, Martin Fanger (CH) Elite and ofcourse myself Scott Baijs (NL) U19. For this year there`s chosen for stylish black clothing, with orange and white details.

About my bike, I will still be riding my striking orange KTM Hardtail. But I did some adjustments to make the bike even better. Firstly I installed a Quarq xx1 powermeter, I want to thank George (Bikeshop Warmenhuizen) for delivering and sponsoring the powermeter. Secondly I upgraded my groupset from gx eagle to xx1 eagle. And lastly I got my fork overhauled by Ad from, I want to thank Ad for the fast service.

My first race will be on 3 March in Chelva (Spain) and together with the team I will stay there for a week to do some trainings in nice weather.

(Team pictures by: Marc Creve)