Past weekend the BeNeLux championships in Kluisbergen were on the agenda. We arrived on saturday, so i could explore the track. The track had more technical sections compared to last year, so that was nice. I knew it was going to be a though race, because there was a very long start climb and a lot of climbing in the track itself. But i was ready for it. After the track recon it was time to eat and get some rest. The alarm went early the next morning, so quick breakfast and then it was already time to ride to the track.

9 O`clock, the start signal was given and we went up the start climb. I had a good position and entered the track in 7th position. At the front there were some people who could get away and they created a gap with the group where i was in. I quickly passed the group and started to persuit the first group. Every pedal stroke i came closer to the 4th position. Together we chased the number 3, and not long after that i started an attack. I created a gap to them and came as 3th across the finish line!!! Really happy with the result, and good to feel that i made progression with climbing.